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Olympics is over

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So the olympics is over and its been a crazy few weeks. It started with over a week of celebration ceremonies which was awesome as I got to travel around the country celebrating with a bunch of different people from all over Australia, as well as meeting some of the Australian athletes which we didn't get to meet, due to being in our own sailing accommodation during the olympics.

Ive since had some fun time sailing on my new moth, done some coaching, moved to Lake Macquarie with my girlfriend and hopefully be able to get on the water more. The long term plan is to continue to Tokyo 2020 but for the immediate few months take much easier and enjoy the journey and be more relaxed after a regimented 8 or so years building up to that 1 event which concluded not so long ago.

All the niggling injuries that have built up over the many hours training get to have a rest and recover, as well get back to the love of sailing being able to reduce the pressure of performance and get back to the passion.

I look forward to getting out and experience a little more than just laser sailing in the next 4 years and am super stoked to be able to set some new goals, after having achieved the ones I set for myself many years ago!

This is where I get to call home... to get the toys out and improve my sailing skills for the years to come!

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